Payment method

After you submit your order,we will send you the proforma invoice of your order for you to pay 30% deposit, after we prepare and pack the goods well, we will send you invoice with balance payment and shipping cost, after you pay the invoice, we will ship out you order.


We provide you three payment options for you to pay your order:
Jusnova jewelry allows you to have the most convenient way to pay your order.


Option 1:By paypal:
Please note that if paid by paypal, an extra handle charge 3% is required.


Option 2:Western Union:
ReceiverName-5: Xiukui Xu (First name–Xiukui, Last name–Xu)
Receiver’s City: Guangdong, China
If you prefer to use Visa or MasterCard, please register for online payment function at the website of Western Union.


Option 3: HSBC BANK:
(If order above USD 1000.00, we recommend you to pay by T/T, Opening charge should be on buyer’s account)



Memo: . Whatever your situation, HSBC Premier will help make your move easier.